2311 South Washington St., Ste. A Kaufman, Texas 75142

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$25 per week, 4 weeks minimum

LED Sign Policy
Kaufman Chamber of Commerce

The Kaufman Chamber of Commerce owns the LED sign located at 2626 S. Washington. The Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to determine the content of the LED sign, how long the content remains on the sign and who has access to change the sign.

Basic information

  • The sign is located at 2626 S. Washington, Kaufman TX 75142
  • The sign was purchased from ADART sign company located at 5 Thomas Melon Circle; San Francisco, CA 94134
  • The electricity to the sign is provided by TXU Energy.
  • There is a DSL line that is set to the sign by Telenational that provides communication to the sign.
  • The content of the sign is controlled through the internet with software loaded on a computer at the Kaufman Chamber of Commerce currently located at 2311 S. Washington, Kaufman, TX 75142
  • The costs associated with the sign are insurance, electricity and DSL services
  • The Chamber seeks to recoup the costs of the sign through selling advertising on the sign.
  • The Chamber aims to run the LED sign from 6:00am to 10:00pm daily.
  • Approximately 12,000 cars pass by the sign every day.


  • An Advertisement on the LED sign will be 3 ft 2 in. X 8 ft. 6 in. and double sided.
  • Ads can be in color and can include graphics and logos.
  • Ads appear for 7 seconds at a time. If there are 20 screens rotating on the sign, an individual ad will show 411 times a day. (25 times an hour) The Chamber will aim to run fewer than 20 at a time to increase the number of times an individual ad plays. This is merely an example.
  • Ads will run for one week or one month at a time and will be posted on Fridays when possible.

Advertising Rates

1 week = $125
1 month = $450

Non Member
1 week = $350
1 Month = $1200


  • Advertisements may be purchased by businesses or individuals and different prices will be set for Members and Non-Members of the Chamber.
  • Businesses and Individuals purchasing Advertising on the sign will provide verbiage, graphics and desired colors for the ad. Advertising will be posted on the sign as close to the designed ad as possible based on technology of the sign. Graphics must be provided to the Chamber in a format compatible with the sign.
  • If Chamber has to design the ad there will be a $100 extra charge per ad. Please allow adequate time for design. The amount of time needed will vary depending on the activity of the Chamber at the time.

General Messaging

The Chamber will post announcements of Community events as text only. A week of notice is required for any general announcement. These will also be posted on Fridays when possible.

A Community event shall be defined as:

  • Fundraisers for Non-Profit organizations that do not present a conflict with the Chamber of Commerce or a Chamber Event
  • Patriotic Holiday Celebrations
  • City wide events
  • Chamber Events and Fundraisers

Chamber Messaging
The Chamber of Commerce will acknowledge the following things on the LED sign as it sees fit:

  • New Chamber Members
  • Chamber events
  • DC or Chamber General announcements

The Chamber reserves the right to change this policy and/or pricing as it sees fit and to adequately recoup the costs associated with the sign.