Kaufman Chamber of Commerce Banquet Awards Nomination Form

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Humanitarian Award

We are looking for an individual, a businessman or an organization who contributes significantly to the betterment of the human condition for all people or a selected group of people.

Civic Improvement

Traditionally, this has gone to a business or organization who built a nice new facility in Kaufman. We envision that this could also go to someone who remodels an ugly building into a nice space ... cleans up an ugly corner ... tears down an eyesore, etc.

Corporate Citizen

This typically goes to a business that goes above and beyond the call of duty in their support of the Chamber, the school district, the hospital and numerous civic and charitable organizations through the past year.

Citizen of the Year / Lifetime Achievement Award

Perhaps initially, this award went to someone who had done one or more outstanding things for the community during the past year. Over the years, the award has evolved to go to an individual who has more than eight years, perhaps a lifetime, worth of outstanding service to the community and support of Chamber, school district, hospital and numerous civic and charitable organizations.

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