If you have a small business, you understand the importance of good marketing. You must keep your customers engaged with what you have to offer if you want them to spend their money on your products or services. You probably don’t have a huge marketing budget, but there are plenty of cost-efficient options you can use to spread the word about your business and engage with your most loyal customers. An email newsletter is a great marketing tool for small businesses. The Kaufman Chamber of Commerce shares some tips below that can help make your newsletter a standout.


Why Are Newsletters Effective Marketing Tools?

Newsletters are useful for informing your audience of important happenings in your company. If you have a new product or service, a newsletter can draw attention to it so that customers are more likely to try it. Newsletters also help you develop your brand voice. They build your company’s reputation and make you an expert in the industry.


How Do You Write an Effective Newsletter?

An effective newsletter must be engaging. You may decide to use charts, graphs and pictures to convey your message, but above all else, the content must be strong. The copy should be interesting and informative so that readers feel as if they are making good use of their time. Produce your newsletter on a consistent basis if you want to keep customers interested in what you have to offer. Make sure every newsletter contains a call to action and features your company’s contact information.


How Can Data Visualization Benefit Your Newsletter?

One study found that 84% of people who engage with visual data such as charts and infographics find them useful. Data visualization breaks information down into manageable chunks so that readers can more easily digest it. Putting graphs and charts in your newsletter is a good way to break up your copy and make the information accessible to more readers.


Which Professionals Can Help You Create an Effective Newsletter?

If you don’t have time to generate high-quality content for a newsletter on a regular basis you can outsource the work. Hire a subscription company to do the writing for you, so although you choose the topic and length of the piece, you can save a significant amount of time by not actually drafting it. Whether you choose to outsource the task or not, you can also hire an editor to ensure that the content flows well and is grammatically correct.


If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional, there are tools available to help you design professional newsletters easily. A PDF is a good option because it can be modified easily and creates a reading experience similar to that of a magazine. You can find online tools that allow you to convert PDFs by simply dragging and dropping them into the program. It’s easy and super fast to use.


How Can You Increase Your Number of Newsletter Readers?

Just because you send your newsletter out to a wide audience doesn’t mean a lot of people read it. If you want to improve engagement and encourage people to read, include an enticing subject line, It can be clever and witty, but making sure it accurately conveys the topic and prods at the audience’s interests are the main things that raise the readership rate.


Creating a newsletter is a cost-efficient way to engage with your loyal customers. If you want to enhance your advertising strategy without blowing your marketing budget, try using a daily, weekly or monthly newsletter.

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