Company: REM Cleaning Services

Who: Robert Quinn, Owner

Fun Facts: If you have ever seen any of REM’s advertising, you may have seen the question asked: Is it clean? Or is it REM clean?

What does that even mean? That is a great question and here is the great answer!

Purchasing the business in 2017, Robert, his wife Morgan and daughter Emma have poured their heart and soul into naming REM (their initials) including the colors (their favorite colors). Robert has spent hours of extensive training and advanced education, studying and learning the science behind what being clean truly means. He has earned the stringent IICRC certification for the business as well.

Robert uses an ATP test to determine how clean a surface is before applying disinfectant. For example: the ATP score of a hospital waiting room is ideally under 100, a hospital scrub/prep room is under 50, and the surgical room score is under 10. REM will only apply disinfectant once the score is below 50.

REM also uses technology to measure the ph balance in a carpet; they customize the cleaning products to bring everything to a neutral of 7, ensuring the deepest, best clean for your home or business.

The REM clean question is this: can you PROVE that the surface has been cleaned? Have you lowered the biological load in the building? REM can!

REM services commercial and residential, carpet, tile, upholstery, trauma and crime scene, water restoration, COVID cleaning, certified in odor control, and they also offer 24 hour emergency services.

Experience the REM difference!

Why they are a part of the Chamber: Robert appreciates the opportunities and business connections the Chamber offers. He offers a valuable service to other business owners in our community

How do you find them: www.remclean.com, (469)980-8335

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