Mission and Values

Our mission is to engage in and encourage rising trade and local activity. 

We aim to provide significant innovative and impactful resources ensuring prosperous trade development and enhanced quality of life for Kaufman neighbors.

Our Purpose

Your Chamber of Commerce exists to be….

The Catalyst for business growth,

The Convener of leaders & influencers who make things happen,

The Champion for a stronger community.

Membership Advantages

Through telephone inquiries, walk-ins and internet inquiries, The Kaufman Chamber of Commerce wants to refer customers to your business, increase your sales and profitability, provide you with free internet listings, a free internet link to your website and publicize your business in our on-line membership directory. The Chamber wants your business to join the “Buy it in Kaufman” campaign, encouraging all members to patronize other members.

Chamber members receive direct benefits of visibility, business relationships, skill development, advocacy and leadership through their investment of dues and time.

The Chamber will include your business in 5,000 promotional pieces advertising chamber member shops, restaurants, lodging and personal services.

Chamber members may post their upcoming events on the chamber website Calendar of Events page as well as in the Annual Calendar of Events which is distributed in the Visitor’s Center throughout the year. The calendar is a highly requested piece of information and a great way to promote your annual event.

Upon request, new members receive a ribbon cutting hosted by the Chamber and publicized by local media.

The Chamber strives to broaden understanding and appreciation of the opportunities in the Kaufman area, and to promote the advantages and assets of our community within the area, in the state and in the nation.

The Kaufman Chamber of Commerce wants to attract more business, attract new families, improve local and state roads and the appearance of our community, so more people will want to live, shop and do business in our community.

Number of Employees                                    Membership Investment

1-5                                                                                   $235.00

6-10                                                                                $275.00

11-15                                                                              $305.00

16-20                                                                             $340.00

21-30                                                                             $410.00

31-50                                                                             $480.00

50-75                                                                             $575.00

76-100                                                                          $655.00

100 +                                                                              Negotiated


Not For Profit – (501 (c) designated, Churches, Government official)


Individual (Not associated with a business)


* Membership benefits, shop local discounts and other chamber advantages apply to all the employees of a member business.

Leadership Kaufman County

Leadership Kaufman County is a nine month program designed to train and encourage Kaufman County business people and residents to take an active role in determining the future of Kaufman County. The objective of the program is to develop a heightened sense of community awareness, involvement and leadership. Led by community professionals and civic leaders the sessions combine classroom instruction, panel discussions, on site visits and classroom interaction with session leaders. Classes begin in September and go through June of the following year.

“Leadership will bring you out of your shell because it offers you information on how to reach the right people for the goals you have. It makes it easier to accomplish goals because it gives the tools you need to start. It’s a great experience.”  

– Mary Donaldson LKC Class of 2009

“It’s a great class for learning about different organizations and local governments within the county.”

– Tim Moore, Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office, LKC Class of 2012

The next class will start in September of 2020, so stay tuned!

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